همه در یک دستگاه

همه در یک دستگاه

No matter the task, the new TIP TIG is up to it — and then some. It offers far more power than the previous model, yet is delightfully simple to use. The redesigned wire feeder is as stunning to look at as it is to weld. TIP TIG. Everything you want modern welding to be. Now even, well, better.

TIG cold wire and hot wire welding with dynamic wire feed system

Up to 300 % faster welding speeds compared to TIG welding

Dilution reduced by up to 80 %

Higher welding speed and easy handling

Perfect weld appearance, no weld spatters

Can be used with any TIG welding machine

TIG cold wire and hot wire welding with dynamic wire feed system

Dynamic wire feeding for a controllable weld pool even with positional welding: The wire feeding is superimposed in parallel using a forward and backward movement

Up to 400 % improvement in deposition rate

High process reliability and reproducible welding results

Heat supply to the wire for improved deposition rate and an even lower risk of weld errors

4-Roll drive. Equipped for 0.8 mm (.030) / 0.9 mm (.035) / 1.0 mm (.040) /1.2 mm (.045) wires



TIG DC for Hot Wire applications

TIG AC for Cold Wire applications



Low-, medium- and high alloyed steel

Copper & Titanium

Highly heat resistent and galvanized materials.

Duplex & Superduplex



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Tip Tig
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